Life…A Fickle Mistress


By Timothy Patrick

The story evolves around a very young boy who was not able to be raised by his real family and was subsequently placed into the foster care system. He was one of the lucky ones because no moving from home to home until the age of six when he was adopted. This traumatic turn of events is one that he remembers until this day. The story follows this boy throughout his life and shows that no matter what happens, if you have enough strength and determination you can persevere and it helps to have a belief in something.

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Sold by: Timothy Patrick


Throughout his life, the author has been through some life changing events that has possibly made him more resilient to outside factors. This even includes relationships with people who he cares deeply for, but with a fortress around his emotions, he is determined to reach the end at all costs. One by one, his mistakes and achievements lead up to the ultimate pivotal point of his life. After having lost everything and everyone, it would come down to one last attempt at redemption by way of email of all things.

Excerpt: The longest day was when the time came for me to leave and move in with my new family. I was scared and remember crying but to no avail. I ran as far and as fast as I could to get away from those mean people, and I didn’t want to go. My foster parents finally coaxed me back, and I remember holding on to a leg and not letting go. Finally I was hoisted up on my foster dad’s shoulders and enjoyed my ride. It wasn’t until he put me in the backseat of the car that I cried hard and just closed my eyes, hoping I would disappear.


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