Loquacious Lair Of Poetry


Author: Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic
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Loquacious Lair Of Poetry is a collection of deep poems that rhyme. The book contains entertaining poems that span various categories including Romantic Love, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-fiction, Sad and Dark, Fiction and Science Fantasy.

Artwork was specifically created for each.

The images are snapshots of actual animations created for the poetry.

The stories are either new or continuations of stories already published in my first book entitled Illusory Realm Of Poetry.

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Loquacious Lair Of Poetry is a collection of inspired and deep poems with brief descriptions, explanations or comments about each one. Some of the poetry is factual while the other is fiction or fantasy. An example is “I Like My Space”.

I Like My Space – Poem

I like my space and have not much
You try to take it all from me
Though there are times I seek your touch
most times alone I’d rather be
Once it was hard to be apart
when loneliness could cause much pain
emptiness then tore at my heart
I will not go through that again
I like my space so give me room
and bring this story to a close
My love may only bring you gloom
not draw you near as you suppose
I do not fear my solitude
nor need much contact any more
I welcome now the interlude
when you depart and close the door
I like my space and quietude
It gives me room and chance to grow
and feel perfect beatitude
the type I rarely get to know
And now I strive to be alone
no need for people anymore
A hardened heart since then has grown
My past has numbed me to the core.
I like my space so stay away
or feel my darkness if you dare
I do not want you anyway
There is not any love to share.
So let me go and do not wait
thinking that there may be a chance
Deep down I know it is too late
I can no longer feel romance.
Some people prefer no contact at all. Many have been affected by some traumatic event leaving them unable to deal with others at a close proximity.
Some give up on society entirely and become like hermits.


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