The Girl With the Blue Umbrella


Author: Heather Awad
Format: e-Reader Format (.epub)
File Size: 419 Kb
Sold by: MineEye Ltd
Language: English
ISBN No: 978-1-4835582-6-4
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This is a debut collection of poetry that appeals to the heart, mind, and soul. The author has crafted her poems with a light touch and a bit of whimsy. Her sense of human depth and awareness compounds the insights projected in her work. A poetry collection for anyone who has ever been afraid to read poetry. You will soon become a poetry lover like never before.

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This is Heather Awad’s first published collection of poetry. She has been writing for most of her adult life, self-schooled in poetry writing and influenced by some of the greats, such as Billy Collins and Stephen Dunn. Awad’s poetry is simplistic in style yet she manages to pull you into each poem as if you were wandering around inside her mind, seeing the world as she lays it out for you. Much of her work comes from her own life experiences and then some are from her whimsical imagination. The imagery is crystal-clear, as is her own heart which you can see a little of in every one of the sixty-two poems in this collection. Keep it with you wherever you go, to read your favorites again and again.

Excerpt from book: “Too Short for These Pants”:

I loved you even though
you became unlovable.
I mustered all the hope
I could steal from the stars
to find myself in the graces of your smile.
I don’t blame winter for your frozen lips
showing teeth sharp like icicles.
I don’t blame me for being unlike you
warm and soft around the edges.
I knew this would never fit
even in those body-beautiful mirrors
we’re never sure are accurate.


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