By Laura Jean Lysander

It was almost eight months later, after the harrowing, deadly, shocking incident that changed all of their lives in an instant. Resilient Eir stumbles upon a fated cryptic message from the missing, abducted, enigmatic Imre. This leads to an unexpected trip for Eir and Tony, for cagey Tony knew more than she or anyone was aware of … and has held it only to himself until now, for it all comes spilling forth with another jarring supernatural clue- to figure out just how and where to find Imre, who has secretly been praying they discover what he has left for them before the tangled web of their secret family ensnares them all, and which he is finding more and more hidden horrid truths. Can they all free themselves from it? Will Eir and Tony be able to find and rescue Imre?
Read on to find out…

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Sold by: Laura Jean Lysander
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“C’mon, lassie, you’ll be late fer class, an’ you’re nevuh late. Can’t break that record, can we? Um gonna give yuh a call -t’night. Chin up- don’t tell no one, ok? No one. It’s real important, ‘kay?” He encouraged, quietly.
We had just gone on as if – he had told me to, to not to change anything, in case something else happened, someone else came by looking for… he was making triple sure that something like that would never, ever happen again.
Everyone now looked upon him, upon Tony in a whole different light. It was an unimaginable thing to do, what he had done, in front of the entire class to risk his life and just jump in and… I had never seen someone- die, in front of me.

When that gun went off I honestly prayed how lucky, incredibly lucky he was it did not hit him- like it hit…

I could hardly say his name. It wasn’t murder, it was self defense- and Tony knew that but I knew deep within, he had never actually killed someone. He roughed many up to the point of bed rest, but he didn’t ever kill someone. And he thought in his mind, it was murder- he bashed quite a few up, but he never really… killed them. And I wasn’t sure if he honestly was capable of doing that.

I sighed- for he was, capable of defending himself to that point- but since that day, that fateful day past everyone saw him as an iconic hero not to be messed with, at ALL, even more so then before, but in a favorable light, not something or someone who was bullying everyone anymore. That part of him all stopped. He stopped it and turned it all around, his behavior, his grades, his reputation. He was even thinking of taking the Police officer and detective exam, to follow in his deceased father’s footsteps. He would make a great detective, I knew that much.

I noticed something different in his eyes, though, some kind of- hope, as he looked over to me, that I had not seen in a long while.

I nodded, silent, as Tony walked into the class door.

I sat, nestled down in my seat, the same seat I had all year, and looked over at the other empty desk next to me- Imre’s vacant, abandoned desk.

Since the very day it happened Mr. Wilson would not let anyone else sit there… it was now a school relic, remaining as is and was for everyone to remember him by.
Everyone would walk by it every day in class and just touch, place a finger or hand on it as they walked on by, as if it was some kind of ritual, to touch it in remembrance and for luck to gain him back and I glared over at it, thinking back to everything, how it truly changed me, changed everything for everyone, and as music was such a strong factor in my life, a song came to my mind, one I had been singing to myself every single day he had been gone… my eyes welled up as I thought of it, from Phantom of The Opera~ Think Of Me~

I pulled myself together, just staring down over at the desk.

Something- something- was written on the top of the desk in a permanent marker, with Imre’s calligraphic penmanship- that I had never even noticed at all before… I squinted down at it-

I Love You, Miss Eir- Look Down At Your Pen-

I made a noiseless gasp and fought back the tears coming and stared down at my- at the pen I was using…

IT…was Imre’s Pen- his pen. I- I never realized fully that he had given me HIS PEN and there was- I couldn’t believe it. There was something written, whittled and scraped ON IT besides his initials…

Miss You, Me-Love- Cloak- Tony.

I pulled in my breath, staring at it in utter shock, and almost dropped it…


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