Everlasting Love – Changing Tides Series #1


By Penelope Silvers

This book is for anyone who is searching for love in all the wrong places. The heroine has a good heart, but she needs a little direction in order to find what her heart is truly longing for. The help she seeks may come from some of the most unlikely places!

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Sold by: Penelope Silvers


She said, “I never fell in love. I’d run headlong into it, hitting my head on one brick wall after another.”

That’s spunky and vivacious Susannah Holt. She dreams of finding that one special someone. Her one true soulmate. She’s seen it in countless movies and read about it in stacks of romance novels, but never experienced this rare love for herself. This man would have to be special to love a dual package of her and her baby daughter.

She finds herself mixed up with an evil man who carries hidden secrets that threaten to devastate her very life. A mysterious visitor will turn her world upside down.

Will she find hope for a new and bright future for herself and her daughter? Will she find the love she so desperately longs for? Is there such a thing as an everlasting love?


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