Locked in a Cell…


Author: Randy J.
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Christina Moody lives a life not much different than what anyone else would. After meeting someone she thinks she could spend the rest of her life with, she goes to work just as she would any other day, and plans on spending her night with that very same man. What happens next is not only terrifying, it is absolutely horrific from her eyes. Read though what can only follow and embark on the journey with her, a horror she can only hope to escape from. Trapped as she is, her life stolen in so many ways, her only escape might be limited to death itself… the torture of what's to come can only worsen.

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“How did you sleep?”

The kissing halts, his face is so soft against hers. She cracks one eye open to see if he’s watching her like she was him. His eyes are exactly where she fears and it makes her feel giddy the way she gets caught, trying to hide her innermost thoughts and feelings from him. She giggles. Smiling, she covers her face with her hands, hiding her eyes. He’s just so open, she sees him in his eyes… not just him, but, how he thinks and feels… what makes him him…

She whispers back, still giggling, still hiding,
“But not as well as you.”
She teases, pulling the blanket up over and she holds on to it tightly, concealing her face. She closes her eyes and cowers, hoping the blanket will hide her feelings from him, hoping the camouflage the blanket provides will keep him out of her soul, the part of her that feels so tickly right now. She’s wasting her time though, Joey already knows how she feels and her smile is a dead give-away to how excited he knows she is,

He says as he pulls her body into his, ignoring the blanket altogether and kissing whatever part of her he can get his lips in contact with. It’s nice, it causes more tickles on her insides, inside her body near where her heart is, and

Is right too. She can’t help but love being on the receiving end of his affection. His embrace, his kisses… how soft they are and how ticklishly and electrified they make her feel. The blanket gets pulled out of the way and his lips finally find hers… it’s not long before she’s aroused by it all and she finds herself pushing her way up and on top of him, forcing her lips onto his… now in a position to give back some of the attention that he’s gone so far out of his way to show her.

The kissing escalates… it gets hotter and steamier, more forceful as time goes on. Hands start exploring, just as they did last night, seeking out the flesh of the other and the grasping turns into groping, the squeezing intensifies into a sort of an embrace. Losing herself in the moment….. “


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