Love at first sight


By John Adam

The creative thought is the foundation of all being and this thought must not go away with rational logic, in order the whole structure of the universe lies into this thought and we can call it love. The idealist thinks that the basis of everything is thought and the materialist is that of matter, but I think, that all is based on the thought, when not only the thoughts remain, because remain only love. Let love be so great in your heart that the whole world will fit into it.

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he book is a story about two people who fall in love at first sight. Juozas is a free Lithuanian artist and writer, and Susan is an online marketing manager from America. They get to know each other on Facebook. In the beginning the couple’s relationships develops on the social networking website prior to their meeting in the Nida resort in Lithuania. The romantic environment of the beautiful resort encourage passionate eroticism, and they make love surrounded by natural beauty. After a bit of passion for carnal love, it transcends to the level of spiritual love and the two people fall in love with each other: the a man and woman begin to interact maturely without losing the power of creative erotic love. Their interaction is becomes more and more complex and paradoxical, but such interaction doesn’t make them a bit, on the contrary, their love’s passion catches fire even more. Both talk about religion in the context of the Christian philosophy of freedom and other aspects of science and art in the universe. Having fallen in love without losing a healthy sense of humor they are completely free to discuss anything and feel happy together with each other, and it seems that their happiness is filled with untapped love for the other participants in the novel. The couple decides to fly to America to Chicago and travel through the whole of Lithuania by excursion bus. The vacation continues in Chicago and at Lake Michigan. Events flow freely as usual during summer holidays…


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