Persecuting Abi


By J M Ralley

A pschological romantic thriller. Dark and full of twists and turns. Can Adam keep his true love, or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life alone.



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Sold by: J M Ralley
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Abigail Lawton has fallen deeply in love with Adam Leroy. Both are officers at LAPD. Abigails’s family and friends are happy for the couple, but urge Abigail to tell Adam her past.
She’s lucky to still be alive. Adam has seen the scars, but doesn’t know the truth. But before she can tell him, her past returns. This time Adam is the one who is hit the most. The woman he loves could be lost forever. Can the LAPD find her in time? Or will Adam be arranging a funeral instead of a wedding?

‘I thought that Persecuting Abi had a great amount of romance and suspense. I felt like at times that I was watching one of the better Lifetime movies.’ 4 Stars (Goodreads)

‘What a thrilling exciting story. What a debut this story has had me on the edge off my seat with all of it’s twists and turns. Abi is such a strong character her shear grit and determination really shone through. Adam is the type of gentleman that every woman dreams of he’s kind, gentle, patient, loving and caring.’ 5 Stars (Goodreads)


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