By Laura Jean Lysander

SARDOODLEDOM: Part ONE. A Dark, Demented, Supernatural Mystery Soap Operetta Comedy Thriller- A Gothic Love Story Musical-

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell, 1984

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Sold by: Laura Jean Lysander
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“But no matter how breathtaking those eyes of his were, and indeed they surely were- anyone could see they were- something- something horrible lurked behind them- a painful, contorted horrible, shaking my soul inside out. -Imre was helping me, Eir O’Casey, the known brainiac, the invisible, the shunned one, the weird estranged loner of the Senior class of Schenectady High school and neighborhood, and Tony Cosentino wasn’t happy about him AT ALL- Whatsoever Tony said to you, you had better do it, and fast, or wind up very much like a broken egg, scrambled. He was the leader of the school, the number one Heartthrob, the most popular young man around… until Imre. Strange, it was strange and eerie. Quickly I scanned the hallway. The corridor was echoing empty and blaring quiet. I was alone and with him… Him, with the Bermuda blue see-thru eyes of his, and- that horrible thing that I sensed lurking behind them. But what could possibly be so horrible about the renowned and illustrious Imre Himmel? That sent me thinking.”

Startled, Imre stopped in his tracks and flitted his bewildered gaze down to my petite frame, and then looked out remotely, unfocused-

“ I shan’t, – should never tell… or involve you, but I shall,” Was his mysterious, soft answer.

Wait… did I ask… or did he…? No, Eir, your mind is playing tricks on on you, Tomfoolery.

“No, it isn’t- it isn’t Tomfoolery,” he quickly replied, softly.

And so it began… one by one, the peculiar, startling coincidences, the strange recollections and even stranger abilities, and the lurking, hidden danger that started to unfold a deep, dark, despairing secret hidden for ages that involved them all…


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