The Butterfly Man


Author: Frederick Anderson
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When a car accident takes your looks – ends your marriage and whips your fashion career from under your feet – when the only job offer you’ve got is from a man who got drunk and groped you at your wedding, what do you do?
Katherine said yes.

A new life in an uncompromising northern landscape beckons: a life among millionaires who buy the remote moorland villas she will sell them. But are her talents really wanted? Jace Harter, her employer’s partner, thinks not. And Stephen, her employer, seems strangely wary of Jace….

Although she has fallen in love with her new northern home Katie knows she must leave. Confused and unhappy, she comes upon a decrepit butterfly house in the upland mists, and a man called Ben…..

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It was no more than twenty minute’s drive to the Earls Court basement flat which was Brendan’s design studio, workroom, showroom and home. He was in.

“Katie, my heart! Just who I hoped would pop her head through the door! You haven’t got the sobs again, have you?” His bright eyes looked into her face and she felt the warm glow she always felt when she was near him. ‘Oh, Brendan!’ She thought: ‘If only you were in the least bit interested I would marry you tomorrow!’
But of course, Brendan wasn’t.

For Katie, the end of her London fashion career is a tragedy, but among the wild scenery of northern England and the wealthy clients of her cousin’s real estate business she finds a new home. The stage is set for romance and a fresh beginning, until her cousin is found dead after what appears to be a motoring incident. Then she embarks upon a trail of suspicion which leads her to question the true nature of the business she works for. Jace Harter modernizes old moorland farmsteads, turning them into the luxury villas she will sell, but why does he keep them empty for so long? Why does he try to keep her away?

Finding the answer will put Katy in danger of her life. Only Ben, the butterfly man, seems grounded enough to provide the answers, and in the end it is only Ben who can save her.


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