Troy’s Possibilities


By Rodney Strong

What’s your what if? That moment you think back on and wonder what if I had made a different decision. Troy doesn’t need to wonder, he gets to live out all those different possibilities. And it’s not much fun.

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Sold by: Rodney Strong
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For Troy Messer, time travel is great on TV, but it’s not reality. Troy is afflicted by a condition that lets him live out different futures – lots of them. Jaded by all these possibilities, he drifts from day to day never knowing if what he’s living is real life or just a possible one.

When he first meets Cat, it’s not even close to love at first sight. She pepper sprays him and steals his phone. But then he meets her again, and again. Finally, he becomes convinced that this funny, crazy, woman might be just what he needs.

But in his strange world of possibilities nothing is straightforward.


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