Willows Winters War


By Bonnie Morawa

Willow was born with a responsibility to uphold, her past has predicted her future. She is to become the new sovereign as was her great grandmother a century ago.

How can Willow rule supreme as the future high-priestess with so many obstacles in her path? Will she finally meet her keeper? Who is this distraction Jacob, and does he hinder or help her pilgrimage to take the crown before it’s too late?

This Young Adult paranormal novel saturated with vampires, angels, black magic and wicked witches explores good and evil, and is full of suspense, drama as well as romance.

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Sold by: Bonnie Morawa
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Willow is about to become her coven’s high priestess . The next sovereign witch.
She is about to graduate from High School when young Jacob comes to town. Or does he come back ?
Willow must face the council when she is accused of dark magick. She must prove that there is evil lurking.
And save her coven from The evil Jade. Who also wants the spot as the sovereign. Who will rule supreme ?


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