Nowhere man: Transporter


By Laura Jane Lysander

A Sci- Fi Action adventure sprinkled with the legendary Music of The Beatles…. meet quirky Kalantha Kirby, humble Central Park worker- so busy helping others and engrossed with her sci-fi hobbies and Beatles music and not really realizing what was about to happen to her.

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Sold by: Laura Jean Lysander


Absolutely everyone in the Diner backed off and away from them, cramming into the farthest corner from where they were standing, from this person she couldn’t see, Kalantha, and Ringo.
The gent, Olin Cian, started to quickly drag Kalantha out of the diner, Ringo following. It was a rather hysterical sight. It looked like some funny comedy slapstick routine, as he was moving so fast she was almost flying, stumbling with those flip- flops she had on. They were now in the middle of the decrepit street.
Kalantha was warily resisting, scared out of her mind at what was going on.

All of a sudden a song blared out, out of nowhere, as if a huge loudspeaker system was set up outside everywhere in the debilitated city.

“All the lonely people, All the lonely people, where do they all come from, all the lonely people, where do they all belong?”

A line of Eleanor Rigby boomed out, all over- followed by a line from Nowhere Man….

“Nowhere man don’t worry
Take your time, don’t hurry
Leave it all till somebody else
Lends you a hand
Ah, la, la, la, la…”

“Look you- Stop… I said, stop! This is crazy! What’s going on here? The music, the songs- they are MY songs! I know I was just listening to them. Is this all real? Is that your dog?” Kalantha defiantly, strongly asked, really quick, stopping dead in her tracks, making Olin Cian spring back like a rubber band.

Ringo stared up at her, tilting his head.

“Yeah, – it is, and yeah, they are, and yes, he is- I ah, I thought you liked the songs. What about this one, better by far?” Olin softly said back to her.

The song then changed to NOW & THEN, a few bars of it…

“I know it’s true, it’s all because of you
And if I make it through, it’s all because of you
And now and then, if we must start again
Well we were not sure, that I love you…”

“Is that better, your favourite? It makes you feel better?” Cian added.

Kalantha just glared at him incredulously, staring down at his hand desperately holding on to hers.

A few bars of “I Want to Hold Your hand” rang out after that…

“Yaah you, got that somethin’ I think you’ll understand, when I, feel that somethin’, I wanna hold your haaand! I wanna hold your hand… ”

“Oh, sorry, um, I like that one. Please…I have to hide you. Please.” Olin urgently, softly said, pulling Kalantha closer to him.

Kalantha squinted, finally getting a really good look at him and reacted accordingly, tense, recognizing him, a little freaked out.

“This IS- and you are… crazy, Ah, aha- you… it’s you- YOU were the one hanging out on the street outside my window. You were also in the gardens sitting there when I- I- with my- (she held up her hand) who are you? And your dog! What is going on? What the hell has happened here and how are those songs I –

Olin Cian held out his free hand to stop her, to try to quiet her. He smiled warmly.

A compilation of the songs that Kalantha had been listening to and playing prior to meeting this gent boomed out all over and all around the decrepit city, different songs in different corners. It lasted a few moments and then eerily echoed, then stopped… and was replaced by the warlike sounds and flashing green streaming bombs and lights in the distance, slowly moving closer and closer towards them.

Olin Cian then just seriously, deeply stared at her.

Then he quietly spoke.

“Well now, music, and lyrics, they are very important to your heart, and show things we might not learn without them- it’s a start.”

Olin, then, looked aside strangely, as if sharing it with – someone- as if staring over to US- as if “we” were watching them, and nodded, then looked back over to Kalantha…


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