Hell Above Me


Author: Autumn Warren
Author’s Website: Autumn Warren – Author
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Language: English
ISBN No: 9781312459762
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When everyone has the ability to influence matter and know every thought, it becomes very difficult to keep people under control. As the most powerful child among a destructive race of telepathics and telekinetics, there are those who would use Nikolas’s power for their own ends. Can Nikolas keep his family safe from the wrath of those who seek his power? Or will his own power destroy them?

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Nikolas walked nervously around the training room. “I don’t think we should try this,” he told Taryn and Ayana, who were waiting patiently nearby. His sisters had suggested that he practice using and controlling his new ability with them. Putting aside the fact that he could seriously hurt one of them, he really didn’t want to know what they were hiding from him.

“It’ll be okay, Niko,” Taryn said, calmly.
“What if I hurt you?” Nikolas asked.
“You won’t. You’ll be much more careful with someone you care about; that’s why you’re practicing on us,” Ayana answered.

Nikolas nodded his agreement. “Fine, but I did give you fair warning.”

Ayana rolled her eyes as she held out her hand.

Nikolas still didn’t think it was a good idea, but he took his sister’s offered hand anyway. The effect was immediate and immediately overwhelming; he could feel the electricity building, and he struggled to contain it.
“Keep it together, Niko,” Taryn said. “Control it.”

Ayana stepped away from her brother, breaking the connection. “Control, Nikolas.”

Nikolas brushed aside Ayana’s memories without much thought. He couldn’t allow himself to be distracted by them. He had to find a way to stay in control. Last time, all of the energy had simply exploded out of him, but it hadn’t only been the energy he had collected; it was his own energy, as well. Nikolas could remember the feeling all too well; like he was drained of every ounce of his strength, and he was in no hurry for a repeat.

“It’s only power, Nik. Use it,” Taryn whispered.
“Ayana?” Brad called; walking into the training room.
“Stay where you are, Brad!” Ayana yelled.

Brad, Nikolas thought. He shouldn’t be here. What if I hurt him? His brother’s sudden fear tore through him like a knife, leaving behind the clarity he needed to quickly dispel the energy. Nikolas let it leak out of him into the floor; turning the purple mat black where he stood. Nikolas dropped to his knees, too exhausted to continue standing.


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