Mason Dixon: Genesis


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The many worlds interpretation of quantum physics, states, that all possibilities that can happen, do happen in a steadily increasing number of parallel universes. In our universe, the Northern United States defeated the Confederacy in the North American Civil War, creating the Mason Dixon Universe and the separation of our world as we know it.

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MASON DIXON: GENESIS, the first installment in the MASON DIXON TRILOGY, is a Science Fiction / Action Adventure Epic. Using the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics, Mason Dixon: Genesis introduces you to an alternate universe. It’s the year 2025, the United States of America and the Southern National Triad, to its South, have agreed to reunify. 164 years after the end of the North American Civil war; what was once the USA is still divided from the East Coast to the West Coast along the Mason Dixon Line. The center point of the two great nations has been extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific. High tech weaponry, genetic engineering, and fierce warrior spirit clash in a desperate struggle. Super terrorism, is the weapon of choice in a plot to prevent the reunification. These two allied countries have supported each other for decades. After discovering treason by one of the South’s super soldiers, they’ve dispatched a joint team of their best Special Forces warriors to protect both nations.
Anyone who has an interest in science fiction, history and action adventure can enjoy the suspense and thrills provided in the first book of the Mason Dixon Trilogies. There is also a romantic component for men and women who enjoy love stories. The protagonist Malcolm Adams is in love with his second in command Kira Grey. However, their love must never be openly recognized as they chase down the antagonist Michael Colt, since it’s forbidden by the military organization they serve.


Lorcan’s blade drips out from the hilt like liquid.

It usually comes out quickly but when he’s in the mood to intimidate, like now, he slows it down and it resembles blood; every drop outlined in a dark but glowing sanguinary light. The silver of the metal mixes with the blue and red light until the blade is fully formed.

It’s an impressive site and horrifying if the blades are meant to be used against you in battle. To make certain the Z-CORPS knew exactly who they were facing Lorcan and Lochlan switched positions at Hyper-Speed and then slowly walked back to their original places. They purposely gave up the element of surprise in an attempt to mentally unsettle their competition.

Shock Teams have a strong disdain for Z-CORPS. They realize they work for the same nation but a healthy amount of arrogance is needed to do what they do


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