Midnight On Mars


By M.C.Glan

A scientist and a spiritualist must together and find a way to save the human race on a martian colony.

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They thought they would be together forever…
They broke up.

They thought they would be safer on Mars…
They were wrong.

Now, they have to put aside their differences, work together, and find a way to save the human race.

In the year 2060, chaos and natural disasters are raging on Earth, and there is only one way out: winning the lottery to a peaceful colony on Mars: Habitat Horizon.
Kari Keskiyo thought she was lucky winning the one-way ticket. But what she discovers on Mars is far worse than what she had endured on Earth; the first problem being that her ex-fiancé’s failed cloning project has created mindless killers called the Hollows.
Kari and Neil race across the colony in search of other survivors, and race against time; the Hollows are the least of their worries.
The key to survival of the human race is in finding common ground with their spiritual and scientific beliefs.

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