Spaceship Vision: The Impossible Dream


By Elton Gahr

Democracy is dead. It was killed by disinterest and sloth and humans have fallen back into a feudal system of kings, dukes but their castles have been replaced by space stations. Stations they control with brutal force and control of the oxygen supply so that rebellion is all but impossible.
At least it was impossible until two brilliant brothers discovered something else that everyone believed to be impossible, faster than light travel. A technology that they share with Don and the Spaceship Vision turning the hundred year old cargo ship into the most important ship in the solar system.

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Sold by: Elton Gahr


Two hundred years after the first of the city sized space stations declared independence from Earth the solar system is a cold place ruled over by hard men who see other people as nothing more than a tool for their own advancement and Don’s father is as bad as any turning off the life support to a third of the station he rules to kill the three thousand inhabitants, including his own brother so that Don will have an inheritance.
Ashamed at himself for being unable to stop his father and unwilling to accept power built on the backs of so many deaths Don gives up his life of luxury and becomes the captain of an abandoned hundred year old cargo ship turning it into one of the few places in the solar system where people can live free and doing what he can to make things better but knowing that nothing is ever going to change.
At least until he meets two young men on mars who have discovered a way to go faster than light. And while they see it as a way to become wealthy and powerful he sees it as something far more. A tool that can break the power of the nobility and allow humans to once again control their own destinies.


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