The Search for Lana


By N. A. Le Brun

As a teenager, Lana has been the outsider most of her life. She has never quite fit in. When her biological grandmother arrives she finds out just how different she is.

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As a teenager, Lana has been the outsider for most of her life. She’s never quite fit in at school, having been accelarated up the years. She has one good friend. Her adoptive family love her and she loves them. But something happens when Lana’s birth family come looking for her. She’s thrown into a universe that she had no idea existed. Even in her wildest dreams, Lana never imagined that the fate of so many people would rest on her shoulders. In the first of the Lunegosse Tales, find out if Lana can come to terms with what’s ahead of her. Can she save members of both her families and survive her first encounter with Le Sergent?


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