Traveler’s HOT L – New Tales from the Time Traveler’s Resort – 2nd Ed.


By C. R. Downing

Traveler’s HOT L – New Tales from the Time Traveler’s Resort – 2nd Ed.. presents 6 journeys through time. Each traveler’s reason for taking their trip is as unique as the outcome of their experience, with twists and surprising turns along the way.

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C. R. Downing presents six new tales in this volume of time travel stories. All time travel originates or passes through the Harmonic Overlap of Time Location (HOT L). Time synchronizers Tempus and Epoch return to manipulate the fabric of time. Proprietor Chronos answers FAQ’s about the HOT L. Co-proprietor Eternity is her dour self in service to those traveling along the time fabric.

Phil Mamba, Rose Reynolds, Aaron Fremont, and Henry Langdon reprise their roles. Mamba solves a case thanks to unexpected helpers. Rose makes a heroic, life-changing decision. Henry helps Aaron in two completely different ways.

New time travelers are added to the cast of characters. Two pairs of travelers go to the future. Axel Wheeler and Synthia/Colleen Martin travel to the Mars of John Carter. Heather Mc Murtry and Owen Danielson travel outside our solar system and encounter an odd alien race. Gwendolyn Runsler returns from her trip with an unauthorized artifact.

This book can be read as a follow-up to the original Traveler’s HOT L or as an introduction to the series.


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