Universally Yours, The Phoenix


By Laura Jean Lysander

Jonathan Gold thought he had it made- soon to be Senior Grad, class of 1982, Football scholarships lining up- it seemed incredible something like this could, or would happen to him with all his martial arts training, being swiped from his own bed and thrown in a room with this gorgeous gal who strangely had the same features as he did, those violet -hued eyes and platinum hair, and whom he promised to help at all costs- but what they were being told about themselves made it even more bizarre- and it takes an even more unbelievable turn when they take a very far away trip- and Jon wakes up with a funky piece of jewelry on his neck that changes his entire life…

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“You do what I want from now on, creep- cut it!”-
“I’m not a creep. Are you insane? I mean, sure, I believe in life on other planets and galaxies, many people do, but to think that she and I, to be some kind of- aliens? Isn’t that far fetched? And, kinda difficult to EXPLAIN?”
“Look at your right arm- there’s a birthmark there, right?”
“So there is, I’m sure you noticed that while changing me without asking, and taking away just about everything I had on, too thanks very much but what does that prove?”
“What shape and what color?”
“It looks like a bird- an eagle-peacock bird with talon clawed feet and a lovely long tail, – purple-ish it’s kinda cool, you know, I’ve always liked it, never had to go for a tattoo. You liked examining my arm when I blacked out, eh? I shudder to think what else you tried to do when I was helpless- or did-“
“Shut up. I didn’t ask for a comedy routine. Miss hottie here has it too. ALL Lucrest Phoenicans have it, especially your race of them. Be prepared to answer a whole lot more questions kid, and SOON.” He left, and locked the door.


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