Mindful Clarity For Solutions


By G Thomas Stewart

For many people it is very easy to get caught up in confusing thought processes that seem to make it more difficult to remember that most problems actually have simpler solutions when we are thinking clearly about how we are assessing the problem. For most people the solutions actually are what we already know but tend to forget and this book can remind you of what you may already know but may have become less clear about in the everyday world of living. The essays contain messages and reminders of how to keep your positive thinking available and working. If you have the notion to be a more positive person in your everyday living and thinking then this book will be good reminders of staying in contact with the effective positive you, and help to clarify some of daily everyday problems and practicalities which are of everyday life and living.

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“For a short book, Mindful Clarity for Solutions packs a wallop. Through personal anecdotes, well-developed essays, and thought-provoking short stories, author G. Thomas Stewart encourages us to embark on our own journey to understanding our lives, our intent, and to find our path to a better existence.
While the book can, and should, in my opinion, be read as a whole, it is developed in solid stand-alone sections, which can later be used as a resource tool to building better self-understanding. So, for the reader, I suggest reading through the book absorbing the overall themes and ideas. However, don’t stop there. After an initial reading, I found it beneficial to take each chapter, read it, reflect, and respond in my own journal. This introspective approach adds to the beneficial messages included in the book”
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Excerpt from “Anticipating Spring”
It may seem like time just goes by so slowly when there is fond anticipation of things to come. Perhaps it feels like the shackles of winter weather patterns and unpredictable daily changes are forever testing our tolerance and patience.
Perhaps what we really need is to nurture a perspective that is more aligned with our daily needs and desires. Grasp onto what is real and good in our everyday living today and now. Look and find what it is that you would like to accomplish and do today and now


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