Idols, Ogres, and Jesters


Author: Pierce du Buisson
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When humans learn to love, they soon know the fear of losing that love. When love is lost and fears come true, we must needs learn to laugh. Here are five tales inscribed upon the wings of love, to make the heart soar, five tableaus of dread, drawn in different strokes by the chill hands of evil and death, and five moments of mirth, for making the human condition whole.

Let humour fetch us back from beyond hope and tears, and complete the picture – an image of love, framed in dread, and hanging on by a peg of laughter.

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Woman – the keeper of a man’s soul; protector of the love in the heart of the lost child; the mother’s heart in the city which seems to have no soul; the guardian angel of delinquent young men; and the untouchable icon of all things beyond a man’s vision for which he will forever ache.

Much like life and youth, this anthology starts with five stories which open up the magical current of a man’s passion for the eternal dance between male and female, and the expression of his appreciation, the bow he makes to the mysteries and the inborn power of woman, his human companion and the inspiration of his existence.

Then the dread of evil and mortality takes over with 5 short stories of the mystery and trepidation brought on by the dark forces of life. They take the form of the workings of evil within man, leading to the death of his soul; the conflict between wild nature and human friendship; ancient dark magic manifesting through a voracious Persian rug; a vicious ghost in the shape of a dog; the unspeakable agony of a son forced to commit murder by his father. Death of the soul, death by friendship, death by magic, death by ghost, death by death – in this macabre parade, which one would be the most spine-chilling?

Yet there is a powerful cure for our human plight as you will discover in the last five short stories which will take you on an unusual journey of suspense and mirth. You might start finding flies in your soup, and something fishy is bound to arise in your experience among people …

Drop your guard, and expect to be speared on the barb of some clever con artist, your creative friend, the fallen actor, the desperate alcoholic, or a jealous manipulator. There could be tears, the walls might even come down, and yet you would be laughing it all off. Welcome to a world full of gags with a choke, and the spectrum of shades of dark comedy. Laughter will bring back love and keep you safe.


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