Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2


Author: Ivan A. Pozo-Illas
Author’s Website: Jewels of Truth
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Each volume of the “Jewels of Truth” spiritual wisdom series consists of 365 original statements and some contemporary proverbs. Written in an easy to reference A-Z format for the spiritual seeker within all of us. No matter your faith in the world this is a text open to all who have a role with the spiritual in life. The material is sourced through original clairvoyant inspired automatic writing as the technique. The author “Ivan “Atrayo” Pozo-Illas” has devoted over 20 plus years to this pursuit of his dharmic life. The Angels shine through the glistening of the words as spiritual guides, teachers, and scholars of the endless heavens within us all.

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Today’s world seethes with tension, and calming the spirit is often a difficult task. If you’re interested in spiritual self-improvement but have no desire to read long, dogmatic sermons or pontificating lectures, then this handy guide to spiritual wisdom is for you.

Perfect for the spiritual pilgrim in all of us, Jewels of Truth delivers a universal outlook for all who believe. Author Ivan A. Pozo-Illas offers 365 unique, insightful, and original statements on various topics for you to use regardless of your religious persuasion. Often short and to the point, these statements encourage reflection into your faith tradition, focusing on topics such as faith, forgiveness, God, metaphysics, oneness, and love.

In addition, Atrayo dedicates a lengthy section to creation itself and shows how God’s amazing love is the “life force” of creation. Forgiveness is an-other important topic, and Atrayo explores it in detail, revealing new and thoughtful observations on this critical idea.

For those seeking inspiration, hope, or encouragement, Jewels of Truth packs a punch and is ideal for the faithful on the go.


Adversity is the greatest resistance known to us all where pain can spring forth. Much as how the Buddha spoke that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. The paradox of pain is that it will make a person stronger for those who are able to endure. Making them hopefully wiser and astute as a soul in such a lifetime. The paradox of pleasure is if too much is experienced it will warp the senses corrupting the heart and mind. If either extreme of pain or pleasure falls upon the head of a person it will spoil their will and ruin their noble heart.

The truest path in order to experience this life is the middle way by means of moderation. Whereby walking the narrow path between both polar opposites one can achieve a wholesome resolve to live well. Such a narrow path of moderation is never straight or linear it will spiral one back and forth. Until a patience is developed that will allow one to walk by confidence in such a duty to self-realization. Be calm, do not force such a process for it must be experienced within the mind, heart, and spirit. In order to fully understand the scope of one’s unfoldment by means of service to oneself and especially of the world at large.

Be gentle, but act with a firm hand and the way of compassion will be revealed to you. Speak the truth, but do so that allows all others to speak their truth as well. Observe the beauty all around you and the beauty within life will acknowledge you with many wonders. Let go of your troubles and your troubles will dissolve into the Holy Light of your good soul. Most of all Love deeply and unconditionally, but not as a zealot, but gently and firmly through the narrow path of moderation. There you will find your oasis awaiting for you in all its splendor. Amen.


The reign of Love across eternity echoes a life of wonder. Only those who are its true stewards shall achieve the internal majesty from within that unleashes the totality of God’s being. By doing so one embarks on an odyssey that only the humble and brave could Imagine in a dream of dreams. Dreams are not the means to such an awakening, but only a medium to the catalyst of such a path into an unfolding in your personal life. There are many paths to God(dess) as their are leaves on an olive tree, and yet still more.

True Love is the guiding light from within the soul and the basis to be guided onto redemption from your personal miseries. That is only a stage of an unfolding story that spans the breadth of eternity. Let the rule of Love by unconditional terms guide you to your own personal paradise. Where life is one with you as in the Alpha and Omega creating beautiful opportunities where memories of grace shall be cherished in this one life and in the next. Amen.


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