The Dog and The Girl


By Fiona J Roberts
Ellen has led a disappointing life. Just when she is ready to make changes she dies. Her consciousness, however, is transferred to her pet dog Barney and she begins her new existence by leaving home and finding a new family. Her life should be easier now that she is a miniature schnauzer but then again it might not be as straightforward as she hoped.

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Sold by: Fiona J Roberts


Ellen is married to a man she doesn’t like and is working in a job which she doesn’t enjoy. The time has come to make changes and she resolves to do this but her plans are interrupted. She arrives home with a terrible headache and as she reaches out to her dog Barney she dies. When she finds herself looking through Barney’s eyes she thinks she is having a strange dream. It soon becomes apparent that she is wide awake but in the body of a miniature schnauzer.

Ellen takes the opportunity to finally leave her husband and finds a new family to live with. James and his daughter Lara become her new owners. Still able to read and understand human speech Ellen discovers that Lara’s mother died the year before in a car crash and is finding it hard to cope with the loss.
Limited in her ability to help Ellen still wants to try to look after Lara. Can she help the sad, desperate girl or will another seismic event supply the answers to their problems.


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