Shattered Halo


By Alan Welker

Meet Shane Thompson. He’s a moderately successful writer with an agent, obligations to his publisher, and a day job at the local high school. While he’s reasonably satisfied with how his life turned out, he can’t help but long for someone to share it with.

Sometimes you’re better off alone…

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Sold by: Alan Welker
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Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Shattered Halo is typically compared to the works of Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, and Stephen King. Written as a work of satirical suspense, it explores personal entitlement as well as a range of other topics.

As with Welker’s first novel Drowning Rain, this work incorporates actual events and details life in the city to a degree which builds authenticity and a sense of trust in the protagonist. The following paragraph, taken from a particularly dramatic scene in Chapter Four, demonstrates the author’s attention to detail – taking full advantage of the setting as a character in itself. “The man I could only assume to be Floyd Baker bolted up the stairs to the area of the market located at street level along Pike with Anne in hot pursuit. He hastily made his way along the corridor referred to as the North Arcade, lined with fresh local produce and wares from a variety of artisans, before making a break across the inlaid brick street just in the front of the original Starbucks location. Although nearly hit by a passing silver Prius, Floyd made it to the other side only to trip on the curb. He did a face plant with enough force that you could actually hear his body slamming onto the pavement. Of course, screams of pain and agony instantly ensued, but that would prove to be just the beginning for ol’ Floyd.”

From lighthearted wit to the depths of the macabre, audiences are lead on a journey which won’t be soon forgot.


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