Immortality Gene


Authors: John and Shelia Chapman

If you plan on going to the stars to escape Earth’s destruction in 7141, then you’re going to need a long lifespan. This book 1 in the technothriller series ‘A Vested Interest’ sets the scene by telling the story of the development of the Immortality Gene. A pandemic of life.


We fear pandemics but what if a pandemic made you immortal?
Book 1 in the series, Immortality Gene, tells the story

Dr Donna Rigden is fed up with her job. When she loses the most important person in her life, she makes plans to start over. When this falls through, she resigns – big mistake. Donna is now on Forrest’s hit list.
Convinced to make a move, Donna refuses to leave the US without visiting her parents and grandparents graves. Ambushed at the cemetery, she’s shot and wakes up on her way to the UK. This was not what Donna had in mind.
Richard Triplet rescues Donna, but wants more from her than she’s willing to give. Feeling trapped and desperate, she turns to a new friend for comfort.
Sir Richard, Donna’s new employer showers her with luxury and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Once she’s signed the contract, he asks her to use her medical expertise to commit murder. Donna’s world is turned upside down. Donna must make a life changing choice. Once made, there’s no going back. Was it the right choice?
Death strikes! Sam, the infirmary’s doctor, is ordered to give his patient an untested drug. Sam knows the drug is either a cure or a curse, but goes against his patient’s wishes. Will he stand by his Hippocratic Oath or cave and follow Sir Richard’s orders?

Immortality Gene?
What about Sir Richard? How does he fit into this equation? What’s his motivation? Sir Richard Triplet is a member of a secret society, who operates in the grey area on the edge of the law. This makes him a target for religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists, but Sir Richard knows a secret and has his own agenda. He knows, in the year 7141, the Earth will be destroyed by an apocalyptic collision with a rogue planetoid. This scale of cataclysm will destroy all life on earth – no room in the aftermath – even for a dystopian civilization. Should Sir Richard be concerned? It’s not his problem – right? He’ll be dead and gone by then. Maybe – maybe not.

Sir Richard has a plan, already in action. One of the key elements in his plan is to manipulate the mechanisms of life and greatly extend the human lifespan. Does Sir Richard’s quest to live forever offer our happy ever after? Let’s re-evaluate this situation. If you were to become immortal would you feel more inclined to worry about an event taking place thousands of years into the future? I would be, but what about the ethical and social implications of immortality? What about overpopulation, living space and the diminishing food supply? What about the wars waged to control this miracle, and the all-important biblical phrase:
Genesis 6:3: “And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”
‘Immortality Gene’ is the first book in the ‘A Vested Interest’ series. It’s based on advanced technology, currently under development. ‘Immortality Gene’ covers the development of a genetically engineered virus. Along the way the series deals with corporate jealousy at its highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, nanotechnology, medicine, murder, mystery, love and betrayal, and, of course, the very essence of life itself.

The Series
This full length novel, book one sets the stage for a series involving:
science fiction
Paranormal wolves do play a part in the series but no vampires (yet). Zombies? Book 9 gives the science behind that possibility. Immortality Gene is a unique blend of thriller, romance and science fiction. If you like books by Michael Crichton, Danielle Steel and Dan Brown, stories combining complex plots, compelling characters, and scientific explanation, then you’ll love Immortality Gene. Be warned – this first e-book is long (800+ pages) but usually free!


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