Immortality Gene


Author: John Chapman, Shelia Chapman
Author's Website: A Vested Interest – a book series by John and Shelia Chapman
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Language: English
ISBN No: 9781476432304
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We fear pandemics but what if one made you immortal?

The story of how mankind became immortal …and why!

A genetic scientist hides from her former employer while she develops a cure for death. Based on current technology you’ll find some very real ‘Bondish’ gadgets, together with romance in this romantic suspense/technothriller.

The story brings together corporate jealousy at the highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, conspiracy, advanced technology, medicine, love and betrayal, and the very essence of life itself.

Of course there’s a lot more to a series of 8 books (more on the way) so check out for more details.


Sir Richard Triplet knows what date the world will end. It’s a secret being withheld from humanity. The good news is that it’s 5,000 years in the future. The bad news is that unless action is taken now the earth and all life on it will be destroyed in a massive cosmic impact.

We can’t save the earth but we can save the lifeforms on it. Unfortunately everyone who knows the secret is thinking ‘It’s not my problem. I’ll be long gone’. We think that… our children will think that… and their children… and so it will go on until it’s too late for the last generation and all earth will die.

This is the concept behind the A Vested Interest book series. It’s long. It’s involved and it’s all based on current technology and lifestyles. Book one details the first step in Sir Richard’s plan to save the earth. He has to make everyone immortal so that it is their problem. It’s called Immortality Gene and details how genetic engineers solve the problem. Unbelievable you might think? It’s something science is very near solving and may well happen in your lifespan. Already one prominent researcher believes the first person to live to 1,000 is alive now.
Of course in a novel nothing ever goes smoothly. There are a number of villains in the series who will cheat, lie, murder and steal. There are romantic rivals and a broken heart. There are secrets, a hidden controlling organisation and places. Behind it all is high technology.

Best of all this first book is free because we know you’ll want to read the others in the series.


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