Blood Rain in Trieste


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If you want a furiously paced, international thriller with memorable characters and uneasy romance, this is it: full of intrigue and action with a witty, morally flexible protagonist, thoroughly dislikeable villains and the spice of an impossible love. Readers may discern how I’ve been influenced by the realism of noir stories with their self-destructive protagonists, doomed love and ambiguous endings. They may also discern my enjoyment of the insubordination of Len Deighton’s Harry Palmer, Philip Kerr’s hard German detective, Bernie Gunther, and Robert Wilson’s African fixer, Bruce Medway, and the complex humanity of John Le Carre’s protagonists.

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Milo Marchetti, a club owner, smells a rat when an exotic woman asks him to arrange a murder with an offer he cannot refuse. He soon finds she’s big trouble: the catalyst for confrontations with mobsters and religious zealots, and with police who brand him a serial killer. Drawn into a dangerous love affair and her criminal family, will Milo commit the murder for her? When shocking truths about the woman surface, he must choose: a deceitful lover and enormous power or a return to his previous life as a musician. Or is there another shock in store for Milo?

Independent Reviewers:

“Blood Rain In Trieste rates more than five stars. It’s that good. Fans of rock-hard central characters paired with deceptively vulnerable heroines in faraway places will hail this book as possibly the breakout action novel of the year.” – Don Sloan, Book Reviews and More! October 11, 2015

“What an excellent read for thrill seekers! A non-stop action packed read. The prologue sets the stage for this page turner. The plot is tight. Let me clarify, very well thought out and very plausible. The ending is as exciting as the beginning as well as the middle of the story. And the ending satisfied me with anticipation.” – Jeff Kivela, Buttonholed Book Reviews. October 9, 2015.

“The story did suck me in right away. I noticed that the descriptions are very wordy, very vivid. One would likely be hard-pressed to imagine anything not close to what Henry had in mind. This story has action and drama – it does run a bit long but is a fun ride. Well written and exciting!” – Pelican Freak, TOP 1000 REVIEWER. October 30, 2015.

From the Author:

I started writing this book in 2010 while on a European tour that included Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. It was an area I’d wanted to visit for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed with the people, architecture, cuisine and art. The rich history of the religious powder keg of the Balkans lent itself to a novel about a dangerous romance struggling in a maelstrom of violence involving religious extremists, mobsters and the police. First of all, I wrote Love and Death in Trieste (2013) but have now replaced that with Blood Rain in Trieste, a bigger version I much prefer with an altered plot, additional characters and a different writing style. Having visited all the locations mentioned in the novel, I was able to add authenticity to the story, something I couldn’t have done without having been there.

I am a fan of the noir novels of writers such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, in which self-destructive protagonists swim in a sea of corruption towards lose-lose situations on a distant dark shore. However, I’m far more optimistic than that: I add humour and the hope of love to my thrillers. Don’t expect pat endings–I’ve noticed life doesn’t serve them up very often. Influenced by the Philip Kerr’s hard Berlin detective, Bernie Gunther, Robert Wilson’s fixer and debt collector, Bruce Medway, and Len Deighton’s insubordinate spy, Harry Palmer, I paint my morally pragmatic protagonist, the witty Milo Marchetti, into a furiously paced thriller with memorable characters, including disturbing women for his love interest.


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