The Desolate Garden


Author: Danny Kemp
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Now under its fourth consecutive paid years option to become a $30,000,000 film !

The Desolate Garden is especially for readers who like a story, largely rendered through dialog because it was the dialog that pulled the work off the page and onto a movie set. This political thriller resonates with charm, deft touches of satire, and romantic entanglement and where the promise of rampant sex is a turn of the page away. At  331 pages, The Desolate Garden makes a “jolly smashing” weekend read.

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The Desolate Garden is a story centred on one family, the Earls of Harrogate, who, since the fourteenth century, have been the sole custodians of a secret government bank located in Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster and affectionately known as Annie’s.

In 2007 Lord Elliot Paterson, the new Earl, takes over the running of the bank and decides to modernise the old written ledgers by converting them into digital form. He discovers a hidden ledger of 1935 in which a vast sum starts to go missing along with the insertion of two sets of initials in a margin, one; an address in Leningrad, Russia.

On further investigation he suspects that his grandfather, Lord Maudlin Paterson, could have been funding a Russian Spy! Six months after telling his estranged eldest son, Harry, of his suspicions he is found shot dead in the London family house in Eton Square.

Harry, on leaving the army had worked for the secret intelligence services, now finds himself recalled to London to shine light on why his father was murdered. He meets a stick insect of a women in Duke’s Hotel St James’s who seemingly is on ‘the pull,’ but works for the British Home Office and is to be his case officer in the pursuing investigations.

Harry does not want to tell Judith of his father’s discoveries, but Judith knows more about his family than Harry does. Neither wish to reveal too much of what they know until they have to stop further murders!
The tale is told through the dialogue between these two as their relationships rebounds backwards and forwards like a train driven by a five year old.


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