And We All Fall


By Michael Patrick Mahoney Jr.

United States Marine sniper, Jackson Mills, comes home for a week on furlough, and sets out on a four-day road trip with his teenage son, Jax. It was a chance for the father and son to bond again, for Jackson to teach Jax important life lessons that will serve him later in life, when he battles against all odds to fulfill his destiny. Simultaneously, as the father and son travel up the East coast, the government rushes behind the scenes to manage an unknown virus that is rapidly becoming a global threat to humanity, and existence as we know it. As the father and son have an action-packed, heart-wrenching journey of a lifetime together, their destinies become changed forever once they encounter the apocalyptic illness. Government powers sacrifice nothing and no one to try and save civilization, while Jax must make an impossible decision for his own survival, in this first thrilling novel of an epic heroic trilogy.

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Jackson Mills is a United States Marine sniper who developed a deep fascination for the insect world after a military incident nearly took his life a decade ago; a tragic event that still haunts the soldier to this day. He has an advanced degree in entomology and had been teaching courses at the University of Georgia since that incident ten years ago put him in the hospital, and forced him into early retirement from the service. That is, until the atrocities in the Middle east and the rest of the world called him back to duty almost a year ago.

Jackson has no choice but to take a week of furlough as the story begins, after he discovers a rare insect collection that is for sale in Maine. Besides, he has missed his family and needs to see them. A road trip up the East coast is in order to purchase the collection. The devoted husband and father decides to bring along his thirteen-year-old son, Jax, as well as their aged German shepherd, who served side by side with Jackson during his first tour of duty. Jamie, Jackson’s wife, who is also a high ranking official with FEMA in Atlanta, is disappointed that she won’t get to see her beloved husband for long, but she wasn’t going to be able to take any time off with him anyway.

A new virus has begun to infect the population, turning the infected souls into ravenous creatures unlike any the world has ever conceived. Jamie is called into action, along with other government leaders and organizations, such as the FBI and the CIA, to covertly manage the fast growing epidemic, while hiding it from the media by any means necessary.
The father and son set out on their action-packed trip from Atlanta to Maine, bonding like they never have before with every mile they drive, as they find themselves in the middle of one crises after another; all in the backdrop of the birth of the apocalypse. Jax has never felt more love and respect for his dad, never been more convinced of his heroism. But what happens when the Marine becomes ill? Could he be infected with the virus?

As this first book in the trilogy surges ahead to a dramatic conclusion, Jax must decide what to do about his sick father in the start of this heart wrenching three book tale of destiny, love, and relationship between father and son. And We All Fall precedes the second book in the series, World On Fire – And We All Burn, due for release in 2018, along with And We All Rise, the final book of the trilogy, due for release in 2019.


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