Templar Odyssey


By Jeff E. Gregory

The Templars flee the wrath of Philip IV of France, spiriting away their legendary treasure, but can their secret remain hidden with an unlikely alliance in North America? It all falls to Thomas Jefferson and his successors to keep the contents of the infamous white envelope out of the public domain, but a wayward Monticello tourist’s errant discovery sparks world-wide hysteria.

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Sold by: Jeff E. Gregory


In the early morning hours of Friday, October 13, 1307, the wrath of French king, Philip IV, rains down upon the Knights Templar. Jacques de Molay’s doomsday scenario is executed as the ultimate coup-de-grâce against Philip, leaving Philip financially and morally bankrupt. The great Templar fleet of 18 ships sets sail for parts unknown, as each captain has a different set of instructions. Those on-board the Falcon learn the ultimate truth that is enough to cause each of them to pass out from a shock so unimaginable that it takes hundreds of years to be revealed, until intrepid adventurer Jason Gregg’s impeccable timing and daring attempt to retrieve a valued keepsake, a U.S. silver dollar, ignites a deadly international hunt to keep the secret from being exposed.


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