Endurance The Power Within


Author: April Thomas
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Masterfully crafted by April Thomas, ‘Endurance: The Power Within’ Spins together teen fiction, romance and fantasy, as one young couple’s yearning for each other ultimately throws them into a battle of bold spiritual importance. Satan is on a mission to destroy them both, unless they can stand up to him, emerge victorious and allow God’s plan to be realized. Many challenges lay ahead, the very least of which being their unlikely but growing desire for each other.

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Mei Gordon, has been fighting a spiritual battle that has destroyed her happiness. She is rejected, used up, emotionally abandoned, and spiritually lost. Then God sends her a redeemer in the form of Max Martinez. Mei is too jaded to see Max as anything more than a sex-driven teenage boy. Mei has no clue she has captured the eyes, heart and mind of every girl’s high school dream guy.

Max Martinez is a teen from a wealthy family of spiritual warriors. Max has not joined his father and uncle in the fight against Satan and his fallen angels. However, Max soon finds reasons to pick up his spiritual sword. He has to protect the girl he loves, and to protect all of humanity.

Max’s feelings for Mei have dominated his thoughts, dominated his emotions. Max telepathically sends a message to Mei. Max realizes this may be his only chance to get through to her. Mei is startled when she hears Max’s voice in her mind. The experience turns her attention to him. Max has successfully opened the door to Mei’s thoughts and, eventually, to her heart and body.

Satan was skillful in convincing the one third of God’s angels to rebel against God, but God won. Cast out of heaven with his followers, Satan turned his eyes toward mankind. Satan has learned of God’s plan to send four of his archangels in human form to help mankind defeat Satan in a spiritual battle over human souls.

God has chosen his human servants, the couple who will conceive and raise to adulthood the human forms of God’s archangels. Satan will not waste any time nor spare any effort to seek and destroy them both.

The union of Mei and Max has ultimate spiritual importance. However, the couple and their union have to stand up against Satan and his forces in order for God’s plan to be realized. Mei and Max face a challenge that will test their strength, their skills, their wills, and their endurance.

“I wrote this book for both curious adults, as well as teenagers who, like my protagonists, are also thick in their own coming-of-age adventure,” explains Thomas, a prolific and celebrated entrepreneur. “At times we all feel like darkness is the only thing in the universe but, through my story, I want to empower readers to understand that there’s always light, especially when they consider their ability to fight against even the most fierce of evils.”
Continuing, “Many readers have already admitted that the novel has helped them come to terms with disturbing events in their lives, and I’m thrilled that my book goes far and beyond just being a story, becoming something life-changing. Remember – this is only the very start of the series and there’s much more to come! It’s going to be an uplifting ride to say the very least.”

Since its release, readers have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, R. Collins comments, “Any great story must have the ability to make the reader feel they’re a part of the story and Author April Thomas certainly has accomplished that with her book. It was a roller coaster of a ride, riddle with emotions that will leave you cheering for the main character Mei for she has endure so much and you want Max to be her “Knight In Shining Armor.” I won’t give away much but I would recommend this as a must read for tweens and anyone who feels there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel when everything around you is covered in darkness.”

F.J. Thomas adds, “In many books I read I find myself skimming through certain drawn out parts but there wasn’t a need here. I also do not care for books that include religious themes but I did not feel this went overboard in one direction or another. Definitely liked the main characters but you also had to love some of the side players…the two best friends were a riot. And just when you think a part is going in a typical they always do that route the author surprises you and turns the direction. I really enjoyed this book!”


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