Ball Hog


Author: S.D. Johnson
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A young basketball prodigy will have not just her skills tested but her over all belief in who she really is. Sabrina Sage finds herself in the midst of the craziest summer of her life, right before entering her senior year of high school, as the schools top point guard. She comes to realize that her biggest competition isn’t on the basketball court but in her personal life. Forced into the role of an adult by a neglectful parent, will Sabrina be able to make adult decisions? If she can’t, it just might cost her the people and things that mean the most to her.

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That’s when the gym doors flew open and in walked a bunch of loud talking girls. They were tall and had clothes on like they could ball. They walked right up to Vanessa, and she didn’t say anything but smiled. The closer they got to us the taller they got too. The five of them had to be about six feet each. They towered over both of us, and they seemed to be laughing and talking mess under their breathe about us too. You know when someone is just being stuck on stupid!

“What’s good Vanessa?” The one that was dark skinned said. She had a fresh hairdo from the salon. I could tell because she smelled like perm and hair care chemicals.

“What’s up Petra? You girls about to practice for a little bit?” Vanessa said looking up at her.

“Yeah whatever!” The girl said with an attitude and her, and her crew bumped passed us and started playing ball on the opposite end of the court from our Little Lady Panthers. None of them did anything serious outside of running their mouths.

“What was that about?” I asked Vanessa as we collected empty juice boxes and got the girls lined up for the bus.
“That’s Petra Mack. Her daddy owns this gym and some community centers around this area. All of them play for Escondido High School. They are all very talented and can play but those attitudes have got to go.”

“Why do they come way out here? Why don’t they practice in Escondido?”

“Checking out the competition of course!” Vanessa laughed pointing at me. I mean, was that supposed to be obvious to me?

Excerpt from: Ball Hog by Author S.D. Johnson


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