The Weekend: A Short Before The Story


Author: S.D. Johnson
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Three individuals living great lives will be faced with the utter reality of their past, present, and futures. In one weekend Monique come to terms with an old love and a new life. Jacob finds himself piecing together a life hanging in the balance. While Houston comes to the realizations of the collateral damage he has caused.

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“So what’s up?”

“I don’t know man. I got to think about it and pray on it. I know we got each other but I don’t even want to start my business like that, you feel me?”

“Whatever church boy! You can stay broke if you want to, but I got you right now. Look, you could even start making them beats, and we can get all the homies on a track and get paid, after that pay me back like that. Then with the money we make, go back and save the community centers. So what’s the problem?”

All my issues came to a head. I had to tell my wife the news, and the second problem seemed to be getting BJ off my back about this money. He was a pest most times until he got his way. Sadly, it still tempted me. BJ was here in the midst, with the only thing that could help me and not break down my vision. I had to make a decision and apparently BJ wanted one right now; I just wasn’t going to yield like that. Father, guide me and speak to me clearly, it’s coming down to the[…]”

Excerpt From: S.D. Johnson. “The Weekend.”


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