Why an Online Bookshop – hasn’t this been done before ?

Yes. However, we believe that the time is ripe for a better way. A nicer way. Something that is more effective for new writers starting out. The established “big boys” in the online literary world are major commercial organisations, they have targets to meet and shareholders to satisfy, every day, every year. The reality is that they do not have the time or inclination to positively engage with new writers or actively promote their work. If you join them, you may get lucky – the right idea at the right time. Or your book may languish amongst hundreds of thousands of others – neglected, overlooked and no-one knows that it is there.

What makes MineEye different is that we welcome new or lesser-known writers into our community and publish their works online. We will not offer physical books for sale as we do not have a gigantic warehouse to put them in ! So we will focus on “online” book sales for Kindles and popular e-readers.

We will actively promote your book on social media, using our network of 70,000 followers !

We will not take commission from books that you sell – you keep every cent, every penny. We charge our authors an annual subscription of $2.99 per year to cover our costs. Also, we will be charging a “one-off” fee to load a book onto MineEye in the future, simply because we have to pay our people to handle the volume of requests – but it’s currently free at the moment. Once your book is online, you never have to pay the one-off fee again, it stays there for ever ! The annual subscription fee covers the ongoing promotional effort. And you keep everything that MineEye customers pay for your book. Again – no commissions.

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